11 months

Shea is getting so big. I can't believe that in this next month, I'll be planning his birthday party!?
He is crawling quickly now and is into everything. He loves zipping down the stairs on his belly and has mastered turning around at the top before he goes down. As I said before, he is onto his bottle now and doing pretty good with it. He sleeps 11 to 12 hours at night and then has one or two naps during the day. He loves to play and "wrestle" with daddy already. He is a messy eater and seems to be a dominant left handed baby (like his dad!). He eats most things, but loves grapes and yogurt.
He hasn't tried walking yet, but will pull himself to stand next to anything.
He is just growing and changing and we all are madly in love with him. How can you not love this little guy??


Anna said…
I DO love that little guy! What a sweet heart!
Karen said…
11 months already?!? wow.

He is such a cutie!!

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