Part two of renovations

I showed you all the "before" pictures here
well, we've got an update, people!!
My dad and brother came in on Friday morning and ripped the place apart. Ok, not really. They did the first step, which was to take out the sliding door, put in a new single door, rebuild the wall, and rewire everything (to make a long story short). They did it all by supper time! Go guys! They are fast and amazing, aren't they!
Here's the proof...
Hour one:

Lunch time:

And 8 hours later:

(more photos on Facebook)

It's SWEET! I love it kitchen is no longer a cave! I'm just itchin' to tear the wall out now!
Thanks guys!!


Anna said…
Such a big difference already. Yippee! So Luke didn't show up with his sledge hammer today? ;)
Karen said…
Yay for Dads and brothers!

Looks great!
Heather said…
Very nice!
Anonymous said…
Nice find on the door Pam! It looks grrreat... :) Can't wait to see it in person! :)
Anonymous said…
Wow - that is a serious amount of demolition and construction done in just 8 hours! Do they travel to Calgary too?! I think I'd like a door like that in my kitchen!

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