Removal of the wall

The men were back at work today...with the help of a few special ladies (Pam, mom and myself!)
They did their miracle work again, the biggest change of all. The wall went down.




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I LOVE the wall being down. When I'm standing at the counter, I can now see right up the road through the side window...which is important when you have kids to spy on!
Dad and Luke had their work cut out for them with the wiring. Poor Luke was climbing in the insulation of the attic to shoot some wires down. It was a long day for everyone, but again, they were amazing and got a lot done!
What do you think?


Anna said…
THIS IS SO EXCITING! AHHHHH! I may pop by tomorrow and have a look if that's okay. Looks great!
Karen said…
love it!!!
Kristin said…
So so so sooo much better!
I bet you can't wait for it all to be finished. :)
Heather said…
Wow so open!
Bloggy Mama said…
Amazing!!! It looks so good.
Anonymous said…
Wow - I can't believe how different it looks! What fun! Now you almost don't notice the mint green counter tops......almost! Job well done Engels!
Sarah said…
wow! it is looking great! what a difference the wall made.
Olinda said…
Interesting to know.

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