Of paint and painters

We are still knee-deep in renos around here. We have finally decided on colors...mocha brown for the kitchen, green gables green for the dining and window wall in the living room. We have grand teton white cabinets now...just look at them!!

(And you need to check out more photos on my facebook album to see how Pam looks after she paints them!!)
I bought our arborite today, a dark brown shade with lots of texture. We had to keep it neutral as we have to work around the tile and hardwood that is already here and want something basic so that we can change our paint color and accessories if need be!
It feels good to have nearly all the details picked out. We are hoping to get painting the walls by this weekend, Luke will be building the countertops, and then we reassemble it all. So I may have a finished kitchen really soon!!


Anna said…
SO freakin exciting!
Bloggy Mama said…
LOVE the colours!

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