Never a dull moment

Things are full-speed ahead with renovations. I would show you an update picture, but I'm too lazy to get my camera, and really...I should just plain GO TO BED. I find though, that this blog is much like a diary...and until I write down my thoughts, I can't really sleep as well. So here I am.
Luke has been showing up to fill the holes and then come back to sand and then fill and sand some more. On the side he is building my new cabinet above the fridge, and the lower pot drawers. Pam has started on prepping my cabinets for painting. They ended up taking all my upper cabinets today, and drawers, plus all the cabinet fronts of the lowers. I feel exposed. All the stuff that was hidden in cupboards is now laying around in random corners and boxes. It's almost as though we are moving again, yet I still have to make meals and find my dishes in the chaos. That and there is a nice little layer of white dust on everything. So I guess it's more like camping. I have this baby that likes to get his little hands into it all, which makes for an interesting time.
All that being said...I LOVE the kitchen already. The light is wonderful, so the chaos is absolutely worthwhile, and the end result will be so astounding that you all will feel the urge to renovate! (That or you'll just come and visit us and ooh and aah over the beauty.)

Then tomorrow, just to keep things interesting, we are having a garage sale. Not really because I had a ton of stuff to sell, but because our street is having one, so it will be good publicity and I told my sister and so she's bringing some stuff. I'm sure we'll pack it in early if nothing is happening, as man the weather is just YUCK. I do have stuff set up in our "studio", which is where a garage used to be, but is now finished with french doors to it will be perfect in there. We'll try to have some fun anyway, despite the weather.

Riley has his first soccer game tomorrow as well, and he is all charged up for it. He slept with his new soccer team shirt after his practice the other night! so cute!

Anyway...happy weekend all. I need to hit the sack.


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