My guys

I think it's time I write a little post about the boys in my life.
I have 3 plus a hubby. I'm surrounded by little men and one big one.
I remain the sole princess of this castle.
I'm a lucky gal.

You can never predict what kind of family you will have until it happens. I used to dream about what it would be like to be married and my family probably looked a lot in my head as my own family did growing up. It is so NOT like that. Here are three main differences...
First off, we have 3 boys. I didn't imagine 3 boys, ever. Would I trade for 3 girls? No. I am knee deep in cars, balls, hockey sticks, lego, and superheros.
Secondly, it is LOUD in our house. Really loud. Boys are just loud, I've come to discover. They don't really have a low volume, it's either on or off.
Thirdly, we are a busy bunch. We don't really sit around and do baking and crafts around here. We are all about biking, wrestling, running, kicking and that sorta thing. If we're not kept busy, we're fighting.
I'm finding it hard to keep my creative juices flowing during these summer months to keep the boys entertained. I also can't do things like swimming and waterslides and go carts with a newborn, so it has been interesting to say the least.

Riley is about to enter grade one. He is what I like to call, "Mr. Tweak". He loves to discover the world by touching everything. He is a quieter observer type, but can't keep his hands to himself. He is a terror to ever take shopping or to the doctor, as his hands are all over the place. Today as he sat in the front seat of the van, he was tweaking every button within his arm reach and driving his daddy mental. He is not afraid of what will happen when he pushes or moves something at all. But this is how he learns and he soaks up and learns so much on his own this way. He does not show his emotions as much as most kids. He often likes to withhold his pleasure about something until about 5 hours after the fact and then he'll all of the sudden say something like..."I really liked that shirt you bought me." Sometimes he doesn't seem like he's paying attention at all and is in his own Riley world, and I've come to discover that he's often deep in thought about something. We have our moments, Riley and I. We're so different that it is hard for me to understand him. He is struggling for his independence and so keen to do his own thing that taking direction for him is hard. We wrestle daily on listening and obeying. He can be SO helpful though, when he wants to be. He loves to help and do as much as he can for me (on his own). He takes good care of Shea and will get me anything I need for the baby or will pop his soother in for him when he cries. He has so much potential and on those difficult days I have to keep reminding myself of all his good characteristics.
Liam is almost a complete opposite of Riley. He even looks totally different. Liam is quite needy right now. He loves to be with people and would prefer to practically be on you if possible. He is still SO smothering of baby Shea. He takes about 2 min. of showing a furrowed brow with new people, and if he's determined they are nice, he'll drive his jeep right over your face and sit on your lap next. He is overly expressive and loves to talk talk talk talk talk. He makes up for Rileys' lack of expression. He is rough and tumble and can keep up to Riley most of the time. He gets wound up and crazy, so often is sent to his room to calm down, especially when someone new is around. He'll be a talk-show host or something when he grows up. Loves to make people laugh and is good with people...just a little too crazy at times. Sometimes I have to remind myself that he is only 3 as his loud personality and huge vocabulary make him seem much older. He's fun.
Shea...what to say about him. He's so sweet. He is a little calmer than my first two, but still an alert, active boy. He is almost 12 weeks already, and growing fast. I am pretty sure we are done having kids, so it makes his growing up a little harder to take. I love how snuggly he is, and how he looks up at me and smiles with his cutie dimples first thing in the morning. He still smells like a baby and has that super soft hair and skin. I'm glad he can't talk back to me or throw a tantrum yet. He's just innocent and perfect and CuTe.
So that's them in a nutshell.
So fun. So wild. So crazy. So challenging. So loving. So loud. So busy. So time-consuming. So different. So perfect. So handsome. So disobedient. So helpful.
They are my full time job (and then some). I feel like there is still so much I have to teach them, and things I wish I had time to do with them and say to them. I don't know how I could have more kids and give them the attention I would really like to as I already find it hard. I am glad that I have family members around now that can add to their lives. Being a mom is the hardest job ever and it always brings me to my highest highs and my lowest lows. There are days I wish I could lock myself in an office like Greg can, but then I would miss out on the little things and would wish that I was with them all day long. They all have a piece of me, and without them, I don't know where I'd be.


Angella said…
Great post Sarah :)
Anna said…
Thanks for making me bawl.
Heather said…
Awww... yes you have your hands and your heart full! I just loved being with all of you this weekend. Holding the baby and playing with Liam and watching Riley be his independant self. Hope you have a wonderful rest of the summer.
Anonymous said…
you do have a way with words...

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