Be my guest

Hi everyone...this is a shout out to all of my readers. I just wanted to take the opportunity to say thanks for dropping by to check up on my life, and I hope that you've enjoyed getting to know me better through this blog. I really have enjoyed writing about practically anything and hearing responses from time to time.

And while I'm talking about visitors...last night I calculated out that 47 people have come to our home in the last 7 weeks. This number does not include "the locals"...these are out-of-towners who have come to see where we are at now, and meet our new baby as well. We have never been so busy with company in our home before, and it has been great. So those who haven't made it over yet, please come by. Greg makes a really good cup of coffee.
I don't have a guest book on the go, but maybe I should drag my old one out. And please do me the honor of making a comment to let me know you were here on my blog.
Thanks again, your friendly neighborhood blogger, Sarah


Heather said…
Hello from Vancouver. And by the way everyone... they do make really good coffee:)
Faith & Mark said…
Hey Sarah. We had a great time when we came by to visit you. Hope things are going well getting Riley ready for school. When does he start? - Faith
The Foulds said…

It was good to see you in real life on Sunday! :)
Anna said…
Awww, look at Shea's little ear
Greg said…
I was here. You rock Honey and you have a way of making words sing together. For those who know us in real life and read Sarah's blog -- de-lurk and let her know already. That way when you are having a conversation with her, you can avoid the awkward "I read that in your blog already" moment.
Beth said…
Hey Sarah, I've been a lurker on your page for awhile, but I know Anna, Heather, Glen and Bri, love reading your blog and love your photography too!
Alicia said…
Sarah you have always been so very sweet. I have loved looking you up here on the blog and getting to know you a bit more. thank you for sharing!
Heidi said…
Hi Sarah, I love reading your's the first thing I check when I sit at the computer...then the weather...then I usually have to do something with Helena. And boy would I LOVE a good cup of Greg and Sarah coffee. It is the best!!!! I think what makes it extra great is the company with whom we drink it (did that make sense?...I'm tired) Toodles.
Anonymous said…
I check your blog out from time to time. I think it would be swell to catch a coffee with you, I had a really nice time at the park with you. Call me if you have a day that works and feel like company or like going out for tea. Lana
karen said…
Hello! :)
Shruti said…
These pictures are really good. You have really cute kids. :)
All the best
Anonymous said…
Hi all. How are you?
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