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As a third time mom...I would hope I have some useful info to share with new moms. In fact, when I was sitting at the health clinic for Shea's shots the other day, I felt like one of the "old" moms...looking at all these moms who were practically "teenagers" bringing in their first babies! Somehow those health nurses have a way of making you feel like you don't know what you're doing though, do you find that??
Anyway...I wanted to share with you my ultimate favorite things to have for a newborn-3month baby. This is just my personal opinion and would maybe depend on your lifestyle and where you live.
First, the Avalon reclining umbrella stroller. Would you believe that I can't find the link or a picture of it or anything?! I still see it in Zellers though, so I know it is available. This is the best buggy to use for everyday short trips. We also bring it indoors. It has a bucket seat on it that reclines as one piece, so baby can lay back comfortably. When Shea falls asleep, we just plunk him in there and can roll him around from room to room, or bring him outside, without disturbing his sleep. It also folds up small like an umbrella stroller, has a canopy and small bag for supplies. We've taken it on our long trips as it folds up in the car nicely, or can go onto an airplane. It is sold for less than $30 so isn't going to last fact, I'm on my second one (we bought the first when Riley was little). But it by far has been my MOST used baby item ever.
Secondly, for the breastfeeding mom...a nursing canopy. I only discovered this one through a friend, for this 3rd time around. It can be bought at Walmart for around $12. It is like T-shirt cotton material, and comes in blue or pink...the brand is my mummy. I call it my "SUPERMOM cape". It has a mesh side so baby still gets ventilated, and the other side has elastic to go around your elbow to prevent the canopy from flying all over the place. I LOVE it. I've had the Kushies brand of snap-on canopies, and they don't even come close in comparison. I use it everytime we nurse away from home.
Thirdly, a snugli. I won't say I know which one is best, but a friend lent me the Eddie Bauer one for a month, and it was really comfy. Many times I needed both hands free (for say things like packing a house), and it became a lifesaver. My friend has the ritzy Bjorn one, and loves hers. Obviously, they range in price, but you could always be on the look-out for a used one.
I'll stop at my top 3 baby items, and hope someone found that helpful. Let me know your favorite 3 if you want, as well.


The Foulds said…
I defiantly want to check out the "nursing canopy" for this second time around, it sounds very handy!
I agree, umbrella strollers are very handy and we loved our baby bjorn (I found my second hand in awesome condition for only $50)

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