The cousins

(This is Riley with his cousins Amy and Evan)

I've probably talked about the cousins before. We are now in the land of the Engel cousins..they all live in Salmon Arm. They go from age 7 down to age 0.
Amy (7)
Claire (6)
Riley (5)
Evan (4)
Liam (3)
Levi (2)
Callie (1)
Shea (0)
Imagine when they are 20, 19, 13! What a riot!!
The summer has turned out to be busier than I had thought it would be, so we haven't had a lot of time to visit with them...but we bump into eachother at the beach, or church, or random dinner parties and it is so fun to see these guys all bonding. I didn't grow up with my cousins, so I am especially enjoying having all the relatives around.
The other day I "traded" Riley for Callie, so that Riley could go to the beach and Callie could stay here and nap. I got some pictures of her when she was here. The good ones are on flickr, but here are some funny outtakes!! (Anna you haven't seen these yet!)

She's got the greatest expressions.

My mom is waiting for a picture of all 8 cousins together, and I guess we need to get on that before they all grow up on us. We did one last summer, so it would be fun to get the comparison shots once a year as they grow.

I must make mention that we also have one little Davidson cousin, Ava (1), who is actually in Salmon Arm this week visiting from their home at the coast. We are glad we'll be able to see her more often too, and soon her new little brother or sister. Maybe one day they'll feel the urge to move here too.


Anna said…
HA! HILARIOUS pictures! I actually like the first one but that second one is just too funny! What a kid.

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