Joys of mommyhood

Being a mommy is hard.
Have I said that before? Maybe only 26 times or so.

Today Shea had to get his first round of shots. Yes, we're a month behind, cuz what with the move and all, I forgot to call 2 months in advance to get a booking. Argh. Anyway, we finally got in, and I hate going for shots. You can't tell me that is ever enjoyable to be the one who has to hold your baby perfectly still so some strange lady can jab four needles into their little thighs. FOUR! Isn't that just nasty. He screamed bloody murder and then when it was all over, he fell asleep exhausted. Poor little guy. He is growing well though, 13lbs 15oz and 24.5". I am assuming he's going through a growth spurt in fact, as the last two nights he's been up every 3 hours again. YAWN.
I got hold of my SIL's fancy double breast pump last night. It is an absolute machine!! My goodness. MOOOO! I was excited to try it out, and only ended up getting out a measly 1 oz after about 10 minutes. Maybe that had something to do with the fact that two curious boys were watching me (when they should have been sleeping)! I put the bottle in Shea's mouth and he made the most ridiculous faces at me and gagged and sputtered down the whole measly one ounce of precious breastmilk that I had painstakingly suctioned out. I picked him up to burp him and BLEH, it all came right back out. So much for that. So much for my big secret plan to get out without the baby! HA


The Foulds said…
Oh dear... :( Poor little Shea.
Marin never took a bottle when she was really little, I didn't have the will to try and make her either, it was just easier to give her the boob.

Yup you pick 5 people to give the "award" to. :)
Angella said…
Poor Shea! I hope he cooperates so you can get out :)

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