Water and Wheels

Today we really made the effort to have fun. We all decided, even though things are really looking even worse for Phil, to go ahead and celebrate my nieces' 6th birthday at the waterslides. My brother and his wife are in Kamloops again, to be there as the family said their goodbyes to Phil. There doesn't seem to be much more that the doctors can do. I haven't heard that he has passed yet, but we're all sitting on the edge of our seats wondering what his outcome will be. It is just nasty anyway you look at it.
Anyway, after cancelling it initially, the party was decided to go ahead for the sake of the children, and we went to Atlantis. We hardly saw Riley the whole time...he just went up and down the slides a million times. I did my best to keep up, and took Liam on my lap down quite a few. We were there with a large group of family and friends.
We also got a new van this morning! We found a 2004 Honda Odyssey. It's pretty sweet. We've never had a vehicle that is so new with such low mileage. Now we need to avoid giving our kids leaky Mr.Freezies in the back seat I guess. That's the only problem when you have something new and expensive!! try keeping it looking that way when you've got kids!!
Last night we also had a good visit with our friend Jessica who was passing back through Salmon Arm on her way home from Vancouver. It's always good to have yummy rich ice cream and strong coffee along with good conversation. We've enjoyed having so much company already and have many more who have said they are coming by!
The summer is flying.


karen said…
Sarah, I'm really sorry to hear about Phil. It's crazy how life can change so quickly.
Anonymous said…
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Anonymous said…
HI Sarah,

We are sending love out to you right now...We were praying for Phil and so was our church I found out this morning. I'm not sure of the connection to our church but I had read your blog and then we prayed for him in church too. It is SO hard to understand Gods ways sometimes...we will continue to pray for his family and your brother and you guys. Much Love and prayers. Ang

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