Me and the little gaffer

Shea decided it was time to party last night from 2am til well after 4am. He was all smiles and cooing away. Pretty hard to be mad at him as he's so darn cute. So yawn...this morning I got Riley to take some pictures of Shea and I together for a change.


The Foulds said…
Aww, so cute.

Photographer Riley, way to go! :)
Bri said…
Nice outfit kiddo. As always, with your boys, glad I didn't get it any smaller.
Nice photos Riley-boy.
See you guys in a few weeks. We'll be up around the 12th.
Hugs and kisses,
Uncle Glenie, Auntie Bri, and Ava
eLiZaBeTh said…
awww.. you two are so cute.. Hes gotten so big already

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