Busy hot summer daze

Hi everyone. I haven't been on my computer more than 10min. a day, if that. And usually those 10min. are while I'm busy breastfeeding at the same time. Life is crazy! We are doing well though. Our days are just so full, that we feel like we need a few extra hours. We've had 2 families from Calgary come and stay this week overnight. We tried our best to show them the beach life, by bringing dinner to the lake and staying til bedtime. It is the best way to spend the evenings, as it has been well over 30 degrees in the house by supper time. HOT. I think yesterday was 39 outside.
The boys are getting way too little sleep as it takes awhile for them to settle down in their hot rooms, and then they wake at the crack of dawn. I'm thinking of forcing naps again. I know I sure could use one! Riley has been having a great week at the church daycamp which occupies our mornings coming and going.
We haven't done much more in the way of unpacking, just because we don't get the chance, or we'd rather be at the lake! I haven't been willing to go shopping with the 3 boys alone yet either. We also need a few more pieces of furniture so we can put some of the things away. Finding time to get groceries (without kids) and take care of the yard etc. is impossible, and so has been left for the weekend. It's all good though...we kind of expected that life would be a little nuts until the fall.
We're also getting used to Greg working right at home. It is quite tempting (and has happened a few times) for the boys to run over and show daddy something. They think he's actually "home"...so that will take a little while for them to understand. His office is well out of the way though, and I think he would say that he likes it over there. It's nice to have him here for lunch and home right at 5.
Shea is doing awesome (as usual). I just found us a new doctor, and got an appointment for his 6 week check-up today. I'm anxious to hear how much he weighs and how he is doing from a doctors' perspective.
Oh, baby is calling....that's all the time I've got!
Update: Baby Shea is a whoppin 11 pounds 13oz!


Jennifer said…
Wow- 11lbs 13 oz....what are you feeding him? Just joking....I had a few whoppers in my day. Good to hear he is doing so well. Jen.
Angella said…
Glad to hear you're settling in. Now that you're closer, maybe we can meet sometime!


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