Life's a beach

How lucky are we. I mean, we live in a place where people pay to go on vacation.
This morning we raced out the door to make it to the early church service. It ends before 11am and then we had time to quickly eat an early lunch, head to the fruit stand to buy fresh peaches, cherries and blueberries and then go to the beach. We had packed a supper and stayed right til bedtime. My sister was there, and eventually my brother came, and G's parents, my mom, our friends and on and on. It was a party. The water is awesome and warm. Baby Shea gets passed around and loved and snuggled by all the family.
Yes, this is why we moved.


...And that is why we're moving back.

Heidi said…
Quite rubbing it in. All we get in Smithers is rain, rain, and more rain.
Heidi said…
I mean quit...!

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