We made it!!

We're here! Somehow we managed to connect to some neighbors internet, as ours isn't quite hooked up yet. Our TV isn't either. How weird to be off the web for nearly a week!
I have to be quick, as it's already so late, but I had to tell you that we made it, and we're all alive. We have been so BUSY, obviously! so I guess it's a good thing that we haven't been hooked up to the net.
Mom arrived on Wednesday and went straight to work packing and cleaning away. It was also Riley's last day of school. We were expecting to pack the moving truck the next day. But our U-haul didn't arrive on Thursday as planned. They make no guarantees, so you just have to hope that the size truck that you had reserved comes available. We sat by the phone all day, while we packed some more. Nothin. We were getting nervous and stressed out a little, but thankfully the new owners were in no rush to get into our place and were ok with us being there still. Friday we waited around again, and packed and cleaned. Finally around 3pm, we got word that a truck was available (at that point we were almost going to fork out the dough and go with movers). We got a crew together and they went to work loading the truck. It was a busy night. My mom worked her tail off, as I mostly hung out with the boys. The day was kind of "heavy" as we had the looming "goodbyes" to say to our best friends. If I would think too hard about it, the tears would come. So we kept the goodbyes quick and had our little cry. Then we locked our door and said our goodbyes to our house around midnight that night. We stayed the night at a friends and left for Salmon Arm the next morning. My mom drove the entire way for me while I cared for 2 in the back seat, and Greg drove the u-haul with Riley. The drive went smoothly with no probs. When we arrived here, our families had been in the new house all day cleaning and doing yard work. My father in law even got the fountain working in the back pond! I have to take pictures to show you! They helped us unload the van in less than an hour and set up my entire kitchen and all our furniture. We slept in our own beds that night. It was wonderful as we were all very wasted. So the last couple days have been spent unpacking and visiting with family and friends who have dropped by to check out the new pad and the new baby. It is feeling like home and the weather has been wonderful. Riley and Liam have been slightly crazy and out of sorts...mostly due to such a shock to their schedules and I think they miss me as I'm so busy unpacking and otherwise busy feeding Shea. Shea is great through it all, and loves having all the grandmas and aunties around to hold him.
Greg is starting back to work tomorrow and so it'll be our first day of somewhat normalcy?? Life has just been so crazy! Anyway we're happy to be here and I'll catch you up on more later. Pictures would be good too, I know.


The Foulds said…
Sounds like things are going well, it is nice that you will have the summer to settle in.

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