Could use some extra prayers

Things have been heavy around Salmon Arm since Friday. There was this sudden little wind storm that arose on Friday (the 13th), putting the power out at our house. The surrounding areas, such as Kamloops, were hit a little harder with more powerful winds and even some hail I believe. My brothers best friends were out camping around Kamloops at the time. The dad (Phil) had driven to the corner store for some supplies and was on his way back when this storm knocked a tree down and it hit the top of his truck while he was driving. Phil ended up with major head injuries. His 3yr old son and nephew who were also in the truck, managed to escape without injury. They had to remove a portion of Phil's brain that was too damaged to save. He remains in hospital in Kamloops and no one is sure of his outcome at this point. Please send some prayers on his behalf for us. He has a wife (Jocelyn) and four kids who are aged 7 and under. It all just seems so tragic and unbelievable at this point, but our hope is in knowing that God is in control. My brother has been out every night to see them after work, and could use your prayers too. We know that God can do miracles and he really needs one at this point. Thank you.


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