Last year I decided to be part of a 365, a photo a day project. I'm the only one I know that actually finished it to the end! It was a commitment for sure, and I don't judge the people that couldn't follow it through. I had a hard time especially in December, to stay on top of it. It isn't easy and requires a lot of time, not just taking the pictures, but the process of uploading, editing and choosing. What did I learn through the project? 1. I definitely prefer to shoot close up flowers and faces.
2. The more I know about my camera, the more I don't know. 3. Going manual gives you a lot more play with the photos, and helps them to stand out from any other generic photo. 4. It is hard to take photos in those dull months of the year where the weather is crap.
5. Taking that many photos results in a very full hard drive! 6. I am glad this is a hobby and not a job. 7. When you look at the album as a whole, you realize how much goes on in one year, the changes in looks (esp. the babies) and the changes in nature.
8. Sometimes simple things like a badminton net, a pendant or asparagus can make for a cool picture.
9. It helps to get at different angles to have your pictures look totally different. I went up above, down to the carpet, straight on, sideways, you name it.
10. You have to be in the right mood to take pictures, and sometimes forcing yourself to get that picture taken for the day just doesn't work. However, it was a good challenge to try to find something beautiful and try to present it artistically. There is always something when you look for it.
I am glad to be done and will take the next year off for sure! Greg bought me an even fancier camera which I now need to get to know. Thank you to all my faithful followers and people who would comment. It definitely helped to feel accountable to my facebook friends so I actually got something posted daily.


Anonymous said…
We all enjoyed your series! !
Could you email a good quality copy of the latest shot of Isaac? I love that one, and would like to print it.
Thanks! ME

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