The biggest of my boys is now eleven!!! I had so much fun watching him over the Christmas break as he played with his cousins, enjoyed his presents and glided down the ski hill on his board. That boy, he's growing up. He got to open some presents with the Davidson crew on the eve of his birthday. Then on his actual birthday, it was Sunday, so we went to church. Afterwards they were holding a "winter picnic" so we stayed for hotdogs and games and brought his cake there to enjoy with 30 of his church friends. After that party, he went with Greg to the big annual Davidson dinner at G's aunts. There was sledding behind a quad and much more fun to be had. Then his cousin Claire was picked up for a sleepover and they got to go up to Silver Star again to board again for the day! Lucky kid! I think he has had a wonderful birthday week.
Shea has been coughing up a storm (still) and if I think of it, he has been on/off sick for over a month. I am getting nervous with my job approaching as I will no longer be able to just keep him home. I've tried to keep him at home whenever possible over the holidays, and get him to bed on time, but nothing is really working. I guess it's just that time of his life where he has to build up his immunity. We've all been tired because all three boys are up coughing in the night. At least he's not feverish like last month, but it's still very exhausting for all of us. I'm hoping on this last week of holiday, that it will work its way out of his system so he won't catch the next bug lurking at the school! Since Shea and I skipped out on the Davidson party last night, I got started on the huge process of after-Christmas un-decorating, laundry, cleaning and sorting. I still have a ways to go, but this week should be enough time to get myself organized before crazy working/school schedules are back into play. I hope you're all enjoying this Christmas "break" and staying healthy!


Anonymous said…
Sounds like a good Christmas had by all! Sorry we can't be two places at once, but know it's good to share the family time too! ! It's SO nice that you can host such great family times. We are BLESSED by you! MomE

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