Long time no see!!

Well I'm a week and a half into my new job. I'm surviving!! I pretty much go to work, come home, make dinner, get the kids, organize our lunches, do homework, pack all our bags and do some paperwork, and go back to bed and do it all over again the next day. It is a tad tiring, but it is also nice to have a complete change in what my normal day used to be. Greg is now taking the kids to school for me, as I start at 8am. I don't see the school at all, which feels really weird after being there 2x a day for the past 6 years! The kids are in their daycare and doing quite well. Today they took a bus to an indoor playground and were completely worn out when we picked them up. So we're all more tired around here than usual. I was happy to see the weekend, but on Saturday my sister was hit with a crisis, so it wasn't as restful as I had hoped. This week has been full of many tears, worries, phone calls and fitful nights. My family left town to visit her yesterday, and I will leave with my sister in law tomorrow and be there for the weekend. The stress of all of this on top of a new/demanding FT job is almost too much, but I'm hoping I can get through it. I'm not quite sure of God's timing in all of this...but one day it'll all make sense. In the meantime, can you just pray for my little sis, and wish her well.
We love her so much.


Judy Cranston said…
Anna is in my prayers...and prayers are been sent for the rest of the family as well...........May God let his presence be felt and hold you all in the comfort of His arms.

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