workin' it.

Would you believe that I had a big ol' interview at the hospital yesterday!? My first interview in over a decade. To say I was nervous is an understatement! I was interviewed by two ladies who were more than forgiving of my mom-brain though, thank goodness! I applied for a full time temporary (mat leave) position in the rehab. therapy department. Full time! I would never have applied if it wasn't a temporary thing. I view it as free training course back into the workforce. It would be a jump into the deep end of my field and I'd hopefully not drown, but it would pick me up to speed again. Then once the seven month position would end, I could fill in as a casual, or PT position as I saw fit. I doubt FT will be easy, and I'll also need to pay for childcare after school and on pro D days. That said, I think it would be worthwhile, so ahead I went with the interview process and with a little urging by my friend who is a physio there. EEk! My mind has been full to the brim thinking through all the scenarios of being a full time mom and employee. Of balancing it all and not having time to do the things I've been able to lately. How tired will I be? How confident will I be on the job? What will it be like to earn my own money? How will my kids do in childcare? What will I do with the kids during spring and summer breaks? I am a little stressed out, but trying to rely on God to give clear if I'm accepted for the position, that it's meant-to-be! Definitely a new chapter. Then this morning I got the call (the day after the interview) that I GOT THE JOB!! I was accepted and start on January 7th!! I am squealing over here in excitement and yet also very nervous!! I really am in awe that despite my lack of experience, that I was hired! I really thought my "career" days were over at this point, and if I had hopes of a "real" job, that I'd have to go back to school. I really view this as a gift and a super opportunity that was handed to me. So I feel blessed and honored and hope I can live up to my potential.


Anonymous said…
Good thoughts! YAY - nice trusting that God's been guiding you through the process. Cute about living
"up to your potential" - you can teach your kids about that aspect of performance. I heard a great speaker on FOTF talk about doing that at school and on the job because what we do is all for Gods' glory and for our training and our testimony too. Looking forward to how it all falls together! but I'll miss your great assistance too :)
ruth said…
Exciting!! You're going to do awesome. Congrats!

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