Ha, ha!!
We got Riley to take a picture of us when it was down to the last canner...here we are utterly exhausted of peeling pears...48 jars later.

(Thanks mom.)


Lisa said…
I too am obsessed with canning!! I'm excited your in the club! I just finished my peaches, but we don't have pears yet...I hope this means they're heading east soon. I'm doing salsa tomorrow with my sister too.
I love looking at those rows of pretty jars all lined up! So satisfying!
Heather said…
Yumm is right! I have some peaches done and some pickles to do today! So fun ;-)
I sure to prefer doing it WITH someone! Thanks for joining me - it's way more fun as we muddle along together.
Anna said…
Haha! You girls are so cute! Wish I could have been there too!
Faith and Mark said…
I also love canning and feel sad that with everything going on this year I won't have any in my pantry. Your pears look great.

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