Update on the hair

Ok, so today I went into the hair salon for a regular cut. Yes, I am keeping it short still. I was really tempted to go long again for awhile, but alas, I'm stoked about coloring it now and keeping it short.
So I was a real nerd and brought my laptop in to show my stylist the exact hair/color I am talking about. She thought it was perfect for me, and says when you "damage" your hair by bleaching it, it'll give it much more volume! So yeah! I'm booked for October 1st. She thinks it'll take 2 colors (large foils of an icy blonde and more of a caramel) along with bits of my own color, and voila. I'll look JUST like that photo. (I wish!)
Anyway, I'm excited! I haven't been blonde in a long time (since 98), and that ended badly. My hair was ripping out in chunks. As my stylist explained, it was so chemically damaged, it was like a backcombed cotton ball. Sad but true. I'm lucky I wasn't bald for my wedding.


Anna said…
Exciting! Can't wait to see pics of your new do!

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