The fall frenzy...

I have been thinking of you (my friends), and wondering how you are handling this time of year when we're all getting back into the school routine. Not only is that a huge adjustment (the getting to bed on time, up early, clothes ready, lunches made, homework done, meeting new teaches and learning new schedules etc.) but we add to that all the extra curricular things.
I am the Cubbies Awana secretary again this year. The first three weeks of club are crazy as we are signing up the new kids, getting everyone suited up with their nametags, books, vests, you name it. It is a great position for me, but our Thursdays will soon be a RUSH as we have to be fed and at the church by 5:30pm!! Yikes. Macaroni it is! I am taking the two older boys and their friend this year. It tends to overtake your whole day and part of the week as I work with the boys to learn their memory verses.
I signed Riley up for a Rookie camp with the swim club this year. It is just for this week, an hour a day of swimming. They are already learning to dive off the blocks!! I don't know if Riley is built for competitive swimming, but I thought this would be a great way to find out, and would teach him a lot regardless.
Riley will also be in Minibacks again, a little hockey group that runs one hour a week.
And me...WELL...I have joined a "Core, Cardio and More" class which will be for an hour a week. I had big plans to go walking every day, but that hasn't happened yet with all the craziness of this fall. Today I was picking plums and drying them and am also making apple fruit leather (it smells good in here!). I will make salsa next week and hope to dry apples and make more applesauce. I can't seem to quite keep up with the laundry, groceries, cleaning, cooking (which isn't new)...but I thought I'd have WAY more time on my hands with two in school! Maybe by next month I'll be in the groove?? I have a list of personal things I need to catch up on, that always get put on the back-burner over the summer... doctor, chiro, physio, haircut, exercising etc.
Ok...speaking of hair...this is what I want to do with mine...

Isn't it pretty?! I am assuming it will take hours of foiling to get that kind of look? anybody know anything about hair coloring?
I get to go away this weekend for my Oma's 99th birthday! I am leaving all three kids behind with Greg! I haven't done that before, so let's all wish him luck with that!
Two days after I get home, he'll be taking off to Calgary, so it'll be my turn.
Ya, so that's just a nutshell of all the goings-on in our crazy family. Let me know what's new with you!!


Lisa said…
I love that family picture! You guys are so fun!
Fall is always crazy....I don't have any advise for you. Good luck? I'm pretty sure our kids don't notice yet all the things we do for them, but some day they will be thankful for all those opportunities we gave them. Good for you for choosing to be involved!

And....I love that hairstyle picture - it would look great on you.....maybe I'll get one of those too! I would guess there are about 3 different colours in there.

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