The home makeover bug...

Lately I've been thinking a lot about doing a makeover on my bedroom. I feel like I didn't go overly crazy with my paint choices in the main floor of my house, as well, things need to blend and match the existing flooring etc.
However, I feel like I could have a little more freedom in my bedroom. These are the latest pictures that I keep coming back to over and over again.

As you can tell...I like the cool colors, lots of white white white and the blue/greens.
This is what it currently looks like...

Blah. It has some wainscotting on the walls already, but with this weird wooden trim. I was thinking I could get away with just painting the wainscotting white and then putting color above it (ditching the wallpaper).
I have two ideas I could go with...
a) keeping it pretty simple and going with a greyish color like the top right color and going quite drastic with the teal bedding
b) going quite crazy with the paint and doing a feature wall in a bright teal color with maybe a wall decal and bedding not as loud but to tie it all together

Currently I have the light beech finish IKEA furniture which will match just fine but I'd love to find some ol' thrift store wood furniture (headboard too) and paint them a nice bright white with glass knobs. That may take awhile to find, so this could be a LONG process.
Since it is my room and I'm the only girl in the house, I intend to make it look a little girly while not gagging the boys with too much in the way of flowers or anything! Heck...maybe one day I'll hang a chandelier in there!
Just thought I'd show you what I'm thinking of, and hoping I get the nerve to start soon! There are many tricky things that I'm not sure I will know how to do and I hate bugging my "handy friends" all the time!
Let me know if you have any ideas!


I actually really like that wall paper, but yeah, the trim piece is not so hot. Looking at your photos, I think you should paint your furniture in a distressed finish, put more stuff on the walls to make us look "up" a bit, and change out the bedding. I really like the colours in your collection of photos! I could help sewing quilt cover/bed skirt/cushions if you find some nice fabrics.
Sarah said…
Mom, the wallpaper isn't offensive, but it is really banged up and has holes in it from mirrors etc. I'd just like to add some color in there. And thanks...I may take you up on the sewing part!

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