Flying solo

This week Greg is away for work again. It hasn't seemed to be as much of a challenge since this time I actually have a vehicle. We dropped "daddy" off at the airport yesterday afternoon and will pick him up on Friday. On Saturday I may just need some ALONE time!? Time away from these busy three is maybe what Greg needs before we celebrate Father's day. Absence makes the heart grow fonder, no?!

With summer comes bathing suit season. Ugh. I've been trying to faithfully do my Tony Little DVD before bed to help maintain any resemblance of tone! I don't know if you have even heard of Tony Little, but he's pretty crazy!

Here's a picture of the exact DVD...ya, it's a goodie. I found it at the thrift store, okay? Doesn't he have great eyeliner? and you have to watch the program to hear his cheesy one liners. But hey, he walks you through a circuit of buns, abs, back, arms, it's better than nothing. I'd love to hear of something better out there for sure if you're wanting to inspire me!
Speaking of "inspiration"...we got new neighbors recently. The mom (who is probably in her early 20's) is this little tiny blow-over-in-a-strong-wind kind of girl. In fact she teaches yoga. I feel the urge to MOO loudly whenever I get next to her. No, she's nice and all, she just gives us "big girls" a hard time to hide our Moo-ness.
Sigh. I'll be down in the family room doing some wide-stance squats if you need me!


Bloggy Mama said…
I just did stroller fit today, for the first time. It was totally fun!!
kb said…
I have a video called TurboJam which is fun.... when I actually do it!
Lisa said…
Oh Sarah, I totally understand. I have all these good intentions but there is never enough time in the day! I too have a very cheesy DVD that I do sometimes with the big ball - but I don't think it's really doing anything. Plus, your new neighbour sounds like mine. She's Japanese and super cute & tiny and always dressed in her designer clothes - just as I step out with messy hair, dirty yoga pants and running shoes!
PS - Promise me you'll never starting "mooing"!
ruth said…
Dude, you are one beautiful woman so don't even go there! As far as work out ideas, everyone in Seattle is crazy for P90X. I'm afraid to do it but I'm sure I'd love the results! Hot body tip #2...don't read fashion magazines...they make me feel like crap IMMEDIATELY. Oh and what I want to know is why I had the urge to come home and make muffins after my workout today. All of the burned calories have been effectively replaced!!
Angella said…
I have a couple of Jillian Michaels DVD's that are a great workout. :)
I stopped at Freda's yesterday and she was doing her "Leslie Sansone - Walk Away the Pounds" DVD. She says she's seen it available at Vernon CD Plus. It's got 5 different work outs. 2 - 1 mile, 2 - 2 mile each with arm actions and a kick-boxing one too. She enjoys it and feels its' working well for her, using it every other day. (she's very disciplined - NOT like your dear Mom!)
... said…
For the record, I have NEVER considered you as a Moo Girl!

From your secret admirer...
Anonymous said…
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