so this is it

The end of grade three and kindergarten have already come! I can't believe it. I was nearly crying watching Rileys' sweet teacher close off her class asking each child what they appreciated about the year. She cried as she opened up her gift from the class. She was great for Riley this past year, and he really did well with her. I love her positive attitude and strive to find the strengths of each child and work with those things with much positive reinforcement. I have found in the past, that teachers tend to focus on the negative and try to beat that out of Riley without doing much to focus on the things he really is good at. I really thank God for good teachers and know that she taught me how to focus on the positive as well. My kids are so lucky to be able to benefit from a great school.
Liam, though he hates public speaking and performances, he excels at everything else, especially Math, writing and PE! I'm hoping to keep up with their reading, writing and math over the summer so they don't have a hard time transitioning back in the fall.
So now I need to step into high gear and keep three busy boys entertained for two months. Wish me luck!


Ruth Anne said…
I love this photo!
Yes, honey - GOOD luck! I think keeping up some sort of schedule through the summer is a good thing as it makes getting back to school so much less traumatic for all! Now - some hot weather would be nice to enjoy some beach time too!
I thank God with you for those good teachers and the things both of the boys learned this past year.
see you soon - Mom - off to strip wallpaper! (I'll be "the stripper" this summer)

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