rock climbing in our flip flops

When life lately is ALL about the kids, and school, work and is so nice to just get away and think about US.
We've been hitched for 11 years now. We spent most of the day outside, hiking around in places we wouldn't dream of taking the kids. We also shopped, ate out and came home to watch a movie super late.

It was an absolutely beautiful day with my best friend forever...what do you say BFF?? doesn't sound so hot. LOL


Bloggy Mama said…
That looks pretty fantastically awesome. Happy Anniversary, guys!!
Great way to get away from it all! Congratulations - so glad it was a lovely day, reminiscent of your honeymoon - beautiful lake, blue skies, love in the air. . smiles.
Lisa said…
Happy Anniversary!! Looks like you guys had a great time! The colour of the lake is amazing!

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