Once upon a time

We've been to the Enchanted Forest every year since we moved here (so 3 times now), and every time we LOVE it! This time we were able to go with Glen and Bri and their girls, G's parents and our friends. It is such a beautiful day in the woods.
(And for those who asked...those flower pictures from the last post were taken at the zoo, so they are oldies...all on my little camera.) These pictures were also taken on my little Canon Powershot! It sure does well, no?!


Kristin said…
We are planning to take the kids there when we are home this summer! Looks like a fun place. :)
Bloggy Mama said…
Ooh ooh, Kristin and Sarah.. let's ALL go!!! We've never been!
Anna said…
Snow White is creepy enough to give me nightmares!

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