Blood bath

You've all seen my subtitle..."The stories of my crazy life in a house full of boys". Maybe I haven't quite taken you far into that whole realm of craziness for fear that you would shutter and move on. It is CRAZY. It is loud. It is competitive. It is a whole lot of fighting and not a lot else. It is hard to take most of the time, for me, so I can't imagine what other people think of our nutty selves. I find I spend a lot of my day trying to keep them far enough from eachother so as they don't have an all-out brawl. In fact I've been pretty nervous to even hire a poor little teenaged babysitter for fear of what they would do to her.
Tonight was pretty usual. Both Shea and Liam had been up since 5:30am, so I figured we needed an early bedtime. Riley and Greg were out, so I thought it would be a nice calm night to get them asleep before they got home. Didn't happen.
I built the kids a classic blanket fort in the living room, and after a few scraps of whose space was whose, I decided maybe a warm bath would bring them down a few notches. Didn't really happen either. It was as calm as it could be with two naked boys in a tub, but then the ship went down. Liam hit Shea across the back, kind of a fun little slap but it hurt as he was wet. So BOP went Shea with the shampoo bottle, back into Liam's nose. Well of course the blood starts flowing everywhere! (just a bleeding nose, but my word!) So Shea starts screaming because he doesn't want the blood to touch him in the water. Liam is fine but is spitting out blood as it's just pouring down. So I'm trying to rinse off Shea and get him out of the tub while he's screaming (and it's all nice and echoey in the bathroom). Liam is wet, so the kleenex I'm giving him is useless, and he's spitting blood all over me, the toilet, the tub. Stop SPITTING!! just let me get this blood off you and then we can get you out of the tub!! took forever to get him to stop spitting so I could move him out of the safety of the tub and dry him off so he could lie down and tilt his head back. Anyway, so then we get all cleaned up, dressed and Riley showed up with Greg to show us his tooth he just lost, and the rocket he just blew up. It was a miracle that they were in bed before 8pm. I need my 2-3 hours of CALM before my day starts again.
Hey, anyone want to babysit?


Anonymous said…
Okay, I'm not crying about any sleep anymore, things sound hectic there! But isn't a little craziness, kinda fun? :)

Bloggy Mama said…
Sigh, bleeding noses... not fun. Hunter has them all the time. WE just give him a tissue plug and wait for it to stop, as he can't handle the pinching. Also, I was taught that you should put your head forward when you have a nose bleed... keeps the blood out of your throat? Anyhow, I hope that you get a good night's rest :)
Anna said…
I just read this post aloud to Keith and I'm sorry to say we both had a chuckle. "Stop spitting!" Haha! Oh man, Sarah. I feel for you. I wish I could promise you great things to come but I'll just stick to hoping and praying them for you. About the babysitter thing though...what about getting 2 of the Parmenter boys? They wouldn't be scared, I'm sure.
Lisa said…
Oh man. Sometimes you just have to tell people because they don't believe how insane it is with 3 boys! In all of our craziness we have never actually had the bleeding nose in the bathtub situation! I agree with Anna, kind of funny in hind sight, but kudos to you for surviving that ordeal!

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