(This was while everyone was singing to him!)

Unfortunately it rained, but otherwise it was a very fun time with our family and friends. Shea had a great day and is very lucky!


Lisa said…
Oh my goodness, why does he suddenly look so grown up in those pictures?! It doesn't seem like it's been 3 years already since the day he was born.
Sarah, the McQueen cakes are so cute! Looks like it was a fun party - happy birthday little buddy!
Heather said…
Yay Seamus! Wow he sure seemed older to me when we visited the other week. With all his talking!

What a cutie!
ruth said…
Hey blogger hubby is furious w/blogger and can only upload 4 pics to a post, have you had this problem and gotten around it somehow? He might just bow down to you if you let him in on the secret ;) Great cakes by the way!

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