Two today, but Three tomorrow

What in the world??

Yes, the "baby" turns three tomorrow. This is all going a little too fast. I must say it is weird when it is the "BABY". There is no more of the "2's" after this!! I'm not as much in a hurry for him to be the big boy that he so wants to be. There are things, I admit, that he can do now which I am so thankful I don't have to do for him, but just as many that I wish I could still do for him. We have our daily challenges of him wanting "to do it". Or him wanting to decide when he will go or come. Frustrating, when it seems like we are always in a rush!
The house is blasted with a pile of black, white and red as we are having a Lightening McQueen party. I finished the cake and made the curry dish I'll be serving for supper tomorrow. There will be 18 of us, and I have this sad feeling that it'll rain (for the first time ever on his birthday).
Anyway, more pictures of party, cake and presents tomorrow. The older boys are each attending a party in the afternoon, so it'll just be a big party day all around.


Bittersweet - he's growing up TOOOO fast. Such a cutie-patootie. Where did that baby go? ?
PS the new look on the blog is pretty cool!
Kristin said…
Happy 3rd Birthday to Shea!
I think it the top right picture he looks totally like you.
I also think that your new blog look it neat-o!
Bloggy Mama said…
Happy Birthday, dear Shea!!

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