Too Much TV!

I just read this book to Riley tonight. Look at their zombie faces, hey? And how the Mama Bear is waving her hand in front of the TV and no one is flinching. I can't exactly relate, as my boys are usually doing backflips off the chair while watching a show. I DO know the type of zombie TV watchers though. My friends girl can sit in front of the TV with her mouth wide open and her eyes will tear because she won't even stop to blink. You could strip down naked to the right of the TV and she wouldn't even look. It is kind of ironic that I read this book tonight, as we just decided at the end of April to shut off our cable again. Without cable, we don't even get the local channels. We got nothin'.
And it's ok!! My kids haven't moaned about it at all. The TV is not their big draw anymore. They much prefer the Wii and computer. The Berenstain Bears need to upgrade their books and write a new book entitled "Too much Wii".
The only show we regularly watch is LOST, which we download and watch later. I loved my HGTV, W Network and TLC shows...mainly the home reno stuff. I guess I'm on my computer a bit more, but the goal is that I'll get exercising more!! I allow myself the 2 hours in the evening to NOT do housework, as I try to keep at it all day long instead while the boys are running around.
In the book, it mentions all the wonderful things you could be doing instead of watching shows. You know, like chasing butterflies and watching tadpoles (WTH?) We can't do that perhaps, but we have all kinds of "wonderful" activities that go on around here! Today was a beautiful Spring day, and though I still had a sweater on during the morning and evening, the afternoon was warm enough that the boys filled up the pool. Shea and Liam stripped down and dipped their white bodies into the frigid water! Might as well get a head start at summer I guess?! Riley was asking for the slip and slide. I had to draw the line. I think we still might get frost at night! Shea enjoys our "construction zone" backyard and has his diggers working away out there. We filled up our squirt guns and shot the squirrels, picked a few dandelions and planted some sunflowers.
Ya, the TV won't really be missed. Ask me in November though, I may be begging to get the thing turned back on.


Bloggy Mama said…
That book is classic. Enjoy your tube-free time!
Avital said…
You'd probably like "Last Child In The Woods" by Richard Louv. Playing outside is becoming a lost art and is actually vitally important to children's development (as I write this, Corwyn is watching Veggie Tales so I could get a little break, but we're going to the park as soon as it's over!)
Jen said…
LOVE IT!!! Will have to tell Dylan about your idea TOO much Wii....I can see it being his next big book making project.
"to everything there is a season. . . " This is a great season to have the TV unplugged! It doesn't have to be forever! Seasons come and go! Your creativity will kick in and before you know it months will have been filled without the boob toob. Hey - it might be a great time to start reading a series of books with the boys - it can be done outside in the sunshine! Enjoy!

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