Christmas Cheer!

I sure love having little photobooth shots of Shea and I over the last two years. How fun it is to look back on these silly little moments.

Today we took a big leap into the Christmas season. I let the kids open up their new Nativity play stable. Especially Shea finds it fascinating, and he talks about the baby Jesus with his sweet little falsetto voice! Greg and Liam went and found us a tree, and it is about 8 ft. high and super FAT! It seems to be growing behind me as the branches lower down even more! It is so pretty, and the smell. Mmmm. I will take some pictures for you.
I found out this week that I will be hosting my aunt, uncle and two cousins for a week over the holidays. I wasn't expecting it, so I have some baking and big meal planning to do. Thankfully they are really easy-going and fun, so we should have some good times. I'm just hoping my kids can deal ok with the over-stimulation! We did move Riley and all his lego into his own room, which will come in handy over the next few weeks for sure.
Last night I went out with some girlfriends and enjoyed a good giggle til I cried, so that was a wonderful break from the usual ho hum of housework!!

Cheers friends!


Bloggy Mama said…
So cute and yay for time out with the girls. :)

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