Well into December

We are at the height of the Christmas craziness...cookie decorating party over here, Christmas concert over there, present buying and making, costume preparing, rehearsals, skating, shoveling, baking, etc.
Tonight all three of my boys are in the church Christmas concert. It isn't a huge production as each class just takes their turn doing a song or poem. I was busy making a last minute crown for my wiseman. The silver spray paint from the robot costume came in handy! The sight of Shea in a floor length robe is priceless! I'm hoping he'll actually sing and do the actions, as we've been practicing!
On Friday night, Greg's parents took all three kids so we could run to Vernon and get some Christmas shopping done. We are pretty much done shopping for the kids, and I even got them wrapped before they got home the next morning! Just a few loose ends to finish up with. I haven't even started getting ready with baking and preparing the house for our extra guests. Oh well, we'll get there eventually.
What is your favorite part of the Christmas "work"?...I definitely love decorating (both the house and the cookies!)



I love hanging out by the light of Christmas tree and candles in the evening - unwinding and trying not to think about the stuff I haven't yet got around to!
Bloggy Mama said…
I love all of it. I get tuckered out, but I love it. Your boys are so handsome. SO handsome (yes, all caps)!
Lisa said…
Hmmm, that's hard to choose! I love the smell of the christmas tree, the lights on the houses, giving our home-made cookies to our neighbours, wrapping presents, Christmas Eve services, and going caroling. I love it all too!

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