Getting creative

I love getting to be creative, though these days it happens in short bursts here and there...nothing too large and crazy.
I had knit dishcloths before (like over 10 years ago), so with friends, we have taken up knitting again and gather for fun to gab and knit. I started with another dishcloth!

And now I've moved onto a scarf!

I really want to learn how to do mitts and toques next!

And right now I'm making Skor Bars for the is the "wrap"...


Bloggy Mama said…
Totally awesome, Sarah
sweet! always love to see what you're going to post next! all looks good.
Anna said…
Looks great Sarah!
Heather said…
You are one crafty lady! Looks great : )
Faith and Mark said…
they all look awesome Sarah. You are so creative and artistic that I'm sure you could so anything you set your mind to.
Lisa said…
I have always wanted to try knitting! Sounds like fun doing it with a group of friends! Dishcloths are great too - I love it when Andrew's Oma sends me some!

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