The Eve before Christmas Eve!

Man, time just ticks along! I have been busy trying to plan ahead and bake for the crazy days before us. Tomorrow our company arrives, which includes my aunt and uncle and their two (adult) children. Two more will come later. The beds are made, our bedroom door is finally fixed (thanks Luke!), our bathroom fans are working again! (anyone who has been in our house since we bought it knows that the main bath fan sounded like a small plane!) It took Greg two trips to Vernon to find the special replacement parts and get them installed, twice as it didn't work the first time! All the presents are wrapped and ready, except mine of course...Greg likes to do those things at the last possible moment. We've also spent lots of time with the kids playing games and lego, and keeping them from fighting! To make things even busier, Shea has decided on his own that he wants to use the potty. He will go pee as soon as you stick him on in the morning or after his nap etc. He even poops, so I haven't changed a pooper in 3 days! We've spent a few sessions sitting in the bathroom reading! I was not ready to go cold turkey with him yet, so we're letting him do what he wants for now and I'll pull out the undies in the New Year. Maybe it's a good thing that I haven't steam cleaned the carpets yet as I had intended to?! The crib will also have to go, and he'll be into the car bed. I really can't believe that he's at this point already! Wasn't he just born?
The weather is unfortunately not too great as it is cold with just a tad of crusty ol' snow. I'm hoping for more snow in time for sledding on boxing day.
So we've been busy and really are excited for everything to start. Tomorrow night we'll have the whole gang over at our house for appetizers and jammin'. The "whole gang" involves us (5), mom and dad (2), Luke's gang (6), Anna's gang (4), Nanny, Jane & Valancy (3), Lisa, Paul, Shawna, Landon (4), Manley, Brenda and Rachel (3). That makes 27. We're adding a few more to that list and will spend our Christmas dinner at a church so we can all fit at tables!
If I don't write again for awhile, you know that I'm busy with the family...
Wishing you all a very Merry Christmas!!


Bloggy Mama said…
Wonderful. Merry Christmas, Sarah.
Anonymous said…
Have a wonderful time with all your family....Merry Christmas to all.
Kristin said…
Sounds like you are going to have lots of family fun! Enjoy! Merry Christmas!
le0pard13 said…
Merry Christmas to you and yours.
Anonymous said…
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