two and a half

You don't even have to tell me that he looks older, because I SO know. He is growing so fast lately. He has grown over four inches in the past year! and is just acting more like a three year old all the time. Yesterday for the first time, he refused a nap. I can't believe that he is growing up so quick. He talks a lot more and seems to know what is going on and adds to the conversation all the time.
He is such a big boy in his Sunday school class, bringing home things he's made and telling me about things. He is still our little baby though, a complete honey and funny too.
Love this kid.


his photos show his fun personality! what a cooouuutieeee patooooteeeee!
Lisa said…
Just look at that little man - so cute!! How did they grow so quickly?! I hope he hangs on to his naps a little longer. Sawyer refused his for the first time once last week too. Now it really takes some convincing to get him in his bed.
Heather said…
Yeah is is a HONEY and so funny too!

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