Life is good....just a reminder.

I think sometimes we get so caught up in the things that "aren't happening" and the things that "didn't happen" and forget about all the things that ARE.
I have so many things in my life right now to be happy about.

This weekend a little boy in our Awana club, who was attending the Christian school at our church, was killed in a car accident (along with his great-grandma). His mom is left alone. She was single with him as her only child. I can't imagine the pain. Please pray for her...Shauna, while we also count our blessings.


Bloggy Mama said…
Terrible terrible. I'm praying.
Gulp, a sad reminder to be thankful and treasure our kids while we have them. Did I tell you lately that you're a REAL treasure? ?
Lisa said…
Oh my goodness, that is so so sad. That poor mom. Hopefully some day she will find peace, and something good will come out of this horrible experience.

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