My grandma spent much of her life as a painter and seamstress, my mother is a pianist...we have some creative and artistic genes in our blood somewhere. I'm neither a painter or a pianist, but have always been inspired by art and would love to be in art class daily if there was such a thing. I try to make cards when I can, sit down with my kids to make crafts, and enjoy the work of many photographers (and take the odd picture myself) etc. I love to try to make things, but mostly I just dream about making things.
My sister has lately done more than just think about doing artsy things, she sat down one day and decided that she would learn to sew. And "sew" she does!

She just launched her new website made by anna where you can look at her newest creations. They are so hot off the press that I haven't been able to see them in person yet! but look forward to seeing them at Christmas. My dad went up to visit with her and was quite impressed with the quality of her work. Good job, Anna!!
Be sure to check it out!


Anna said…
Thanks Sarah :)
Lisa said…
Good for you Anna - really cute bags!

Sarah, you are SO creative! I have never thrown away a single one of your hand-made cards that you've given me, and people still talk about them when I'm at baby showers! Plus, do I need to remind you about that crazy robot costume from a couple weeks ago?!
Not to mention your writing gift! !
I think Anna's photos of these bags are pretty awesome too! Great backgrounds and good lighting to show the cool fabrics and colours off perfectly.

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