Dinner time

After a lack of routine pretty much for the entire summer, it is somewhat refreshing to know there is a rigid schedule soon approaching to help us all be more productive. I have learned that children thrive on routine and schedules, and I'm sure I do as well. We kept some of our routines over the holidays, for example, nap for Shea at 1pm, and bedtime was pretty much 8pm. We did enjoy the break from the early morning run out the door to school, packing lunches, memory homework, clubs, sports, etc.
Anyway...we start up again tomorrow. And we are READY! Bags packed, names on all the shoes and backpacks.
One thing that I hate not having a routine for, is meals. I hate sitting there at 4pm and trying to come up with an idea of what will be for dinner. I also hate making up last minute grocery lists. So this year I am going to try to do up a whole month of meals at a time. That way nothing is repeated in a month, and I don't have to think too hard when it's time to get groceries. It also saves money and will prevent me from saying..."I have no idea what to eat, let's go out."

So here are 36 or more dinner ideas for you to add to your list. Most of them are very basic meals, but if you want to know what something like "Chinese Hekka" is...give me a shout.


Taco Salad
Shepherd's Pie
Beef dip
Chinese Hekka
Paul's Chili
Sweet & Sour meatballs


Tuna Casserole
Shrimp on skewer, Rice, Veggies


Sweet &Tangy Chicken
Shake and Bake Chicken
Stir Fry
Chicken Caesar Salad
Chicken Enchiladas
Curry noodles with green beans, chicken
Fettuccini Alfredo with chicken
Thai Chicken Soup with Coconut Rice


Hashbrowns, eggs and toast


Brown beans with wieners on toast
Soup (Corn Chowder)
Thai Pork Burritos
Broccoli Casserole
Bacon, Rice and Peas
Perogies with farmer Sausage
Pork Chopettes


Baked Mac & Cheese
Clubhouse and Fries
Turkey meatballs
Pitas, Tzatziki, lamb


Heather said…
OH thanks for the meal ideas :)
Bloggy Mama said…
Nice work!! That's a fabulous idea. I try to menu plan, sometimes, too, but often get all messed up. You've inspired me to try anew ;)
Anna said…
You mean "Chinese Hekka"
Sarah said…
Thanks Anna ;)

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