so many pictures...

My sweety niece Olivia...getting her two year molars, so has either a soother or fingers in her mouth! She just bounces from one thing to the next and is bubbly and affectionate.

I've never had so many pictures of myself! Nice to prove that I was actually there!

This picture was taken close to the end of the reception, almost 2 hours past Shea's bedtime. He was a little cranky during this pose, but otherwise did just wonderful the whole evening.

My parents sat with me, both during the wedding and in the reception. Thank you SO much! Mom took Shea out during the ceremony so I could watch it, and as you can kept Riley quite entertained at the dinner table. Greg was running up on stage here and there to play songs with his trombone and his banjo (not at the same time)! He also sang!

This day had many deja vu's for me as Greg and I had our reception in the same room 10 years prior (can you say OLD!), and had our parents and family celebrating with us.

Heather is the baby of the family, with two older brothers. So the family is complete...until she has some babies!
During these photos, Greg was teasing the photographer and saying..."I need a treat for being so good!" which is what the kids would get during the family shots. Well Shea heard Greg joking around and right away came up to give Greg one of his candies. Aww.
Would you believe that I didn't get ONE photo of the five of us?? Oh well....we'll try to do one before the summer is over.


Melissa said…
Sarah, you're beautiful!!
Anna said…
I agree 100% with Melissa. These are all great pictures. Olivia is sure a cutie and love the one of dad and Ry.
Lisa said…
That's Olivia?! Wow she's all grown up! I love your dress too Sarah, very cute!
Bloggy Mama said…
I love the photos of you. Yay for getting captured on "film", right?!
Ooops! What were we thinking NOT getting the five of you - all looking SO fine? ? ?!
Bri said…
Thanks so much for 'catching' Liv on film for one second... amazing photos.
You are right, we all looked fabulous that day.
Greg said…
I think Liv's killer eyes are going to burn a hole through the hearts of many boys. Get your shotgun ready Glenny.

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