KINDERGARTEN begins....finally

(All these poses were done of his own accord...he's such a poser!)
So today was FINALLY the first day for Liam. After all the hype and the waiting, I think he was rather let down!! He said it "wasn't fun at all", and all they did was sing and he didn't feel like telling her what song he wanted to sing. Aww...he'll get into it. They have about 18 in the class, one of which is our forever friends daughter (Marie and Matthew's oldest girl).
Riley also found out today where his classroom is, who his teacher is, and who his classmates are. He's in class with his best bud again and couldn't be happier. I am quite excited about it all.
I just signed up Liam for gymnastics today, and after gulping while writing a cheque for Minibacks (Riley's hockey) and now Tumbling Tots...I then realized that we are saving $100 a month now that Liam is done preschool payments, so it will all even out to the same as before. Phew.


Bloggy Mama said…
That little man is just the sweetest. Enjoy school, Liam.
Anna said…
Awww, great pics Sarah. I love the one of Liam and Shea and the one with the school sign is a great idea too. GREAT that Ry is in with his friends!
Heather said…
Yeah for Liam! What a Cutie:)
Lisa said…
Oh Liam! He is totally in his element!

I was thinking of signing up Eli for gymnastics too - let me know how it goes.

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