Lunch with Shea

So kindergarten is officially going full hours. Finally. This means that Shea and I get to enjoy a quiet lunch together. He is such a crazy little guy lately. Keeping us all very busy, and also keeping us laughing. He is like a little parrot, copying the boys with whatever they do, and also copying any words. Fun! Right now he's trying to copy daddy's dance moves. Pretty funny! I wish I had a video function on my camera!


Bloggy Mama said…
He's so sweet. It must be lovely to have time with just him!
MamaVee said…
Not having video on my camera was solved by getting one of these:
You need one of these:

It's fantastic!
Anna said…
Awww, what a cutie! and I wish you had a video thing on your camera too! Sounds funny.

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