I wasn't quite sure what to title this post. I am so full of everything right now. Happy, sad, rested, tired, angry, you name it.
We had a SUPER time camping. We had weather in the 30's, which made it perfect on the water and lovely for sleeping outside. We tented next to Greg's brother and wife, and their two little girls. Down the road a few sites was Greg's parents, his sister and fiance. We shared meals and all ate like kings together, we slept like logs, we swam like fish, we had access to a motorboat and enjoyed the water as much as possible. The kids biked and made smores, walked to the waterfalls, and just did everything that we could have hoped to cram into a long weekend.
On Saturday morning, Greg zipped into town to help with a work situation, and got the call from my mom that my aunt Jill had suddenly died. She lives/d in Salmon Arm (actually bought my parents old house). She was 54. She has three kids, a husband, one grandson and another on the way. Her daughter Beki just was married two weeks ago. She just got a clean bill of health from her doctor on Friday and it turns out that her heart just had like a weird electrical short?? and she was gone in an instant. No pain. Gone. She was cleaning out her fridge in the kitchen and her husband found her there in the morning.
I had my time to sort this all out a bit in my head while I was out looking at the splashing waves on the shore. It was nice to have a bit of quiet before coming home this morning to face the very sad family. I hung out at her house for most of the afternoon/evening. Her presence is everywhere in that house, from the huge gardens to the endless little projects she has laying around, her handwritten notes on the fridge, her books laying on the table. Comforting and sad all at once.

My dad, her big brother, is doing his best to make the arrangements one needs to make, while being with his remaining two sisters and mother. Please say prayers for the family, the funeral will be on Saturday...and man, it's so good to be around them to talk, cry, and just be together.


Bloggy Mama said…
I'm so sorry for your loss, Sarah. It's never easy to lose someone you love. Peace be with you and the family.

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