The state of chaos

Life with three kids is pretty chaotic, nevermind when it turns to summer and your bootroom becomes a sea of soggy towels, sandy shoes, and wet or dirty clothes. Right now I've come to the decision that if I can keep up with the dishes and the laundry, that I'm doing ok. My floors are pretty much always a mess. The carpet is so ugly and the tile floor is so gritty with sand that you just better keep your shoes on. I could go anal and sweep, vacuum and mop every day or just let the floors be and enjoy the summer. I've actually gone with the latter. Of course...I just finished telling you how icky it is. I do have a thing against clutter though. I can only let the papers and toys gather for a day or two and then I have to rid them. Sometimes if I don't have the time or energy to do the big sort, I'll throw them in a box or room where they are unseen to help me feel a little better. This only works for so long of course, and then your extra spaces to hide things fill up as well.
One thing I enjoy about summer, other than going to the beach, is to meet up with people. Today I got to hang out with Kristin and Elizabeth. Kristin I have known since she was in highschool, but I had only ever met Elizabeth from her blog and on facebook. I must say that I was a little nervous to meet up with someone I had only ever written, and maybe somehow ruin her "imagination" of how and who I am. I always try to be myself on my blog, but you know how it is...maybe somehow like internet dating...trying to show the best pictures and not over-emphasize the negatives! Also knowing that I would be there with my three boys and no hubby for backup if things turned ugly! Anyway, our meeting was short and sweet, but it was easy to hang out with her and I hope to do it again sometime. There are so many cool people in this world to meet and it's too bad there isn't more time! Thanks for meeting up girls. I'm glad your hubbies came too. And the kids were all great.


Kristin said…
It was great to see you today Sarah. :)
I agree the kids all did really well, which always makes for a better time!
Bloggy Mama said…
They WERE great. And, it was so cool to see how well they got along. J and I were just discussing how awesome you gals are, and Ian, too. I do hope we can meet up again - that would be lovely!

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