Making it count

It is sure hard to remember that this life is but a tiny spec on the timeline of ETERNITY. I think we get little reminders of that fact when we lose a loved one. My aunt was not rich, but she left behind a treasure of memories and made her mark on the hearts of all who knew her. She was a nurturing soul who took care of many people (not just her own family). I think we're all dealing with our grief a little differently. One of the things I truly appreciate is that family seems to come together in times of sorrow. We don't feel better by buying ourselves some new toys...we feel better just being a family and sharing time together. We don't necessarily have the same values and beliefs, but we are bonded by our love of family. It is good to be reminded that we have such a short time to make our "mark" on those around us.


Anna said…
Amen Sarah. You made us all cry over here. Nicely written.
I don't know how you do that - write so well - right to the core of the feelings! Thanks for expressing our hearts! (tears streaming down my cheeks) Mom
Bloggy Mama said…
Thinking of you, Sarah, and your wonderful family.
Lisa said…
So true. Why is it that we all can't live like that all the time?
How's your cousin doing? I'm thinking of you guys.

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