Workin' it

I feel like a working mom this week. I guess I am. Every day I have my three boys dressed, fed, packed lunches and out the door before 8:30am. I then rush around the church like a maniac getting set up, and drop my kids off in the daycare there. Attend a morning meeting with the daycamp staff. Then I start registration duties. I'm in the grade two division and we have over 60 grade 2! There were around 250 kids today in total. So I was totally unprepared for that many kids in my craft room. I was told 12-15 kids max at a time, and it's more like 20-25 kids at a time. I've been doing extra prep work at home and making extra kits, searching for extra supplies, adding extra tables and chairs. I don't leave the church until 1:30pm and work on the next days work at home til about 4pm.
To top it off, my back has chosen to go into conniptions again. It is TERRIBLE. I can't bent forward even one degree, so if anything drops to the floor I have to go into the squat to retrieve it. Thank goodness I got into my chiro today, and I have extra tylenol with codine to help me survive the morning. I am a mess. I really need to find something like pilates to get my strength so it doesn't keep flaking out on me like this. Totally frustrating to feel like you can't keep up with what you are needed to do.
And so there are three more days of this craziness, and then I'm off to my cousins wedding with my brother and sister!! I will enjoy the break!


MamaVee said…
My back used to fail me all the time. It was also terrible, I know your pain. I was needing to go to the chiro nearly weekly. I did a few weeks of physio treatments, and it was amazing...she gave me lots of little excersizes that I could incorporate into my daily life. Things that didn't really feel like excersizes but that were building core strength. I barely ever need to go to the Chiro now.
Lisa said…
I can't believe you can get them all ready and out the door by 8:30am!! You're an inspiration to me! And that's a LOT of extra crafty kids to prepare for! Very busy but I'm sure the kids are loving it! Too bad about your back, I feel your pain - it always goes out at the worst times.
Hope your chiro can work some magic!
Heather said…
Hope your back feels better soon. For me going to the gym and working my core has made a night and day difference for me!

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