Road trip

Today my friend Melanie invited me to join her while she's on vacation in Vernon. I was initially a little reluctant to make the trip since my back is STILL really bugging me. GRrrrrr. BUT, I haven't seen my friend from Calgary in ages, and heck, who can resist the beach with friends. So, I waited til Greg was on lunch and then passed Shea off to him (who soon went down for his nap) and the older two boys and I took off for Vernon. I don't normally roam too far from home with the kids on my own. I was so glad I went though. The kids have definitely hit a new phase. I don't have to turn around in the seats and constantly be passing them things and assuring them that we will be there soon. They understand time and distance and the idea that we are travelling and stuck in a car for a reason! And when we are there, they don't need me holding on to them to have a good time. Ahh, they are growing up! And it's a good thing! Maybe one day we'll be brave enough to brave a HUGE road trip like my crazy friends, Andrew and Lisa.


Bloggy Mama said…
Fun!! So glad that you had a good trip. A new era in travelling.. I wonder when we'll get there? ;)

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