Today was the first one of the year we spent at the beach. It was a beautiful day and the water was much warmer than I had anticipated as the ice only melted off it weeks ago! The boys were swimming and everything. I was unprepared and the bigger boys both got their first ever sun burns. I had them wear their hats, so it's mostly on the shoulders and I'm hoping they won't be too sore. Don't you find the sun is so much stronger than it ever was...I never wore sunscreen from what I remember. Shea wasn't scared of the water and walked in right to his neck, though I don't think it was completely on purpose!

This week has been a "wild" one...the other day I came home and heard a loud scratching noise coming from behind the T.V. I went downstairs and heard running through the ceiling! Are you kidding me!? We had some unwanted guests move in! Initially I thought squirrels, then mice, but tonight we SAW the little squirrel bugger run into his entry hole, grab a baby squirrel and bring it outside! YES, a BABY! They are freaking having babies inside our walls!! We are full- on squirrel hunting now. We rented a trap, we have poison set out, glue paper, mouse traps, ultrasonic pest annoyer things (you plug them in and they radiate a high pitch squeal that they apparently hate). The problem with squirrels is that you should try to trap them, rather than just poison them and let them die in your walls and rot...how's that for a pretty picture. It has been really frustrating as they aren't the easiest to capture! So wish us luck...these things could bite through our wires and cause some major damage! I hate being invaded.

I took family photos for my sister in laws family. They had their whole gang together and wanted a group shot. We had some difficulties as my poor little niece was sick and wouldn't look at me, let alone smile. So I can't say it was a true success, but we made the best of it.

So this week I'll be party planning as Shea celebrates his 2nd birthday on the weekend! WOWzers. Party pics will be up next...or maybe dead squirrel ones.


Anna said…
Oh my goodness! Squirrel babies! EEEEEKKKK! Do you stay awake at night all paranoid?

I LOVE LOVE LOVE the pics of the Motz gang. How fun. Bummer about CB but you got some good group shots anyway. I love that Mike (right?) is in the photos. Any ring on that girl's finger yet? ;)
Bloggy Mama said…
Love that big family pic. Squirrels - yuck. I once had a packrat die in my office ceiling. It was so stinky. My office doubled as the copy room and everyone who came in thought that I was farting up a storm... I was NOT!
Rather see photos of parties than dead vermin! ! R& BL look great!
Heather said…
Oh No! Squirrels! I hope you capture them ALL! I just saw a squirrel today by my house so I hope they don't decide to invade here too. That is great you could get the whole Motz family together! Great ideas for the groupings :)
le0pard13 said…
As usual, you take some great pix!
Lisa said…
Ewww squirrels - I understand your disgust, especially since we had mice in the fall. And now we're being invaded with ants. Yuck! Good luck with getting rid of them!

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