Demo deck #1 complete. check.

So today we (mostly Greg) finished the demolition of the side huge dance floor deck. It just looks like a nice dirty hole to you, but there was a lot of work involved! We managed to get every screw and nail out of every board in hopes we can re-use some of the wood. I put a pile of pictures on Facebook as well.
So we're on our way. Now to rip down the fence and move a few plants so we can level out the area. I don't know when we'll do that.

Here's the boys...(in case a hole doesn't interest you!)


Bloggy Mama said…
Nice work!!! Have fun dreaming about how you're going to finish off/fill the hole!!
Heather said…
Wow I can't believe it is all out of there! Very nice :)
Wow - what a change! lots of ideas and plans to sort through now - and work. My suggestion is to keep it simple! It's sure amazing how keeping up the yard can be sooooo time-consuming! ! It's great that the boys will have much space to play. That looks like a great toy pit right now. . . diggers, trucks, etc.

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